Carrot Sweet Candle
A superb new Nantes type with extra deep orange colour . A must for exhibition and kitchen use. more...
Tomato Cappricia
This is a very good tomato. Bred to be the classic English tomato shape. (round) this variety as everything,disease resistance. more...
Onion Ailsae
The world record strain, for the heavy onion and for dressing. more...

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Cabbage Mandy F.1 hybrid

A new introduction. A healthy cabbage with good dry matter for a mid season cabbage. Approximately 148 days from transplant to maturity.....
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Parsnip Palace F.1 hybrid

One of our newest varieties with a high resistance to canker.
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Beetroot Red Ace F.1 hybrid

Main crop round very uniform. No coarseness when cut. Outstanding for culinary use. Heavy cropper. One of the best round beetroots..........
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Onion Red Tide F.1 hybrid

A new red spring sown type. Large round red bulbs with excellent storing abilty.
120 seeds approx
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World Record Strain onion Ailsae
Shallot Conserver F.1 hybrid
Spring Broccoli Mendocino

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New for this spring 2014 we have the amazing COLOUR SPLASH Amenity Flower Seed.

The seeds are produced with great care, mainly in the Loire Valley, Dauphiné and Provence areas of France.The grains are graded and cleaned in our processing centre in Valence in the French county of la Drôme.Our entire production is checked in Valence not only to eliminate unwanted weeds or pathogenic agents, but also to ensure that the mixtures are balanced and reliable. Germination is also periodically checked by our laboratory in order to maintain compliance with international standards (ISTA standards).  WHERE AND HOW TO USE COLOUR SPLASH FLOWER SEED

Our seeds are packaged in 400 gram metal cans (a sufficient quantity for 200m2 - 300m2) or in 4kg bags. This professional grade packaging is designed to guarantee optimum preservation of the seeds which are living products and require careful storage. More...