Carrot Sweet Candle
A superb new Nantes type with extra deep orange colour . A must for exhibition and kitchen use. more...
Tomato Cappricia
This is a very good tomato. Bred to be the classic English tomato shape. (round) this variety as everything,disease resistance. more...
Onion Ailsae
The world record strain, for the heavy onion and for dressing. more...
High Quality Grow Lights
Including-T5 propagation units, HID, HPS Grow Lights and Ballasts, Valoya LED lights, top quality full spectrum grow lights. Read more…

Exhibition Seeds are Horticultural and Seed Specialists, supplying Top Size Vegetable Seeds, Flower Seeds, Tree Seeds, Conifer Seeds, Grass Seed including Grow Lights and Sundries

Time To Order Grass Seed
March, April and May are the ideal months to order and sow grass seed. We have grass seed for all types of situations.
Exhibition Seeds supply Top Size Seed of outstanding vegetables for the Exhibition Grower and Kitchen Gardener
World Record Strain onion Ailsae
Shallot Conserver F.1 hybrid
Spring Broccoli Mendocino

Commercial Seed: As Seed Merchants and Breeders we can supply many types of Commercial seed of vegetables, herb, tree and conifer seeds, please contact us with your requirements. 

Exhibition Seeds now offer a great range of Horticultural Lights including the impressive T5 Evirogro propagation lamps, HPS lights and Ballasts, and the amazing new Valoya LED lights top quality full spectrum grow lights, Read more...