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Long Blanch Leek stock updated

28 May 2017
Long Blanch Leek stock updated We have added new long leeks to our online catalogue , namely the Old PC Blanch Leek and the original Ivor Mace New Welsh Seedling. Both great varieties. The Old PC Blanch Leek is now very rare . 
16 Aug 2016
New onion seed from our World Record Strain Ailsae New onion seed from our World Record Strain Ailsae is ready now. Top Size Graded Seed. 
5 Jan 2016
RHS Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi We are very pleased to offer this excellent product. It has received great feedback from championship growers. Excellent on Large Exhibition Onions, Pot Leeks, Blanch Leeks and many other vegetables. 
RHS Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi. Treated plants will grow a huge secondry root system
Improved uptake of nutrients and water
One treatment lasts the lifetime of the plant
Helps overcome replant problems
Treated plants establish better and have improved natural vigour.
24 Nov 2015
Fyba Pots New addition - Fyba pots are made from a strong paper-like material made from recycled paper and textile fibres, mixed with a small amount of pure bitumen.  They are available in three types according to the length of time each is designed to last. Often called Whalehide Pots . We use the all the time , far better than plastic pots, no root check when potting on , you just drop them into the next larger pot or your garden and they instantly grow away.  Especially good for potting young Onion Seedlings, Pot Leeks, Blanch Leeks, Celery Plants, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Pumpkins etc etc. 

UK Carrot Championships won by Exhibition Seeds varieties.

21 Sep 2015
UK Carrot Championships won by Exhibition Seeds varieties. Our new short stump carrot Cazo F.1 was the winner roof the UK Carrot Championships at the Harrogate Flower Show 2015 . Its available to buy here

17 Jun 2015
Plantabags Plantabags for the your Vegetables - Pot Leeks, Blanch Leeks, Potatoes, Trees, Conifers and many other uses. 

Sturdy polypropylene planter bag produced from heavy weight material and double laminated for extra rigidity that enables easy filling when potting. Air and Drainage holes provided to promote excellent root growth