Cabbage Firensa F.1 hybrid

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Cabbage Firensa F.1 hybrid
A new type of red cabbage with crinkled leaves and a crunchy texture and taste. Round dark green heads with strong red colour throughout. Good sweet flavour.

35 seeds approx

Culture: Sow thinly April -Jun into a finely raked seedbed at a depth of 13mm (") (Germination 7-12 days) Alternatively sow April in a propagator on a windowsill or in a greenhouse at approx. 10-15C (50-60F) using good quality compost., sow in Modules or Small Pots. 

Transplant with a 
trowel when large enough to handle, allowing 30cm (12") between plants each way.  Apply a general fertiliser like Growmore at 75 grams SQ meter, Do not plant on Club Root infested land. If you want clean caterpillar free cabbages you MUST spray with a good insecticide every 14 days. 
This variety is very frost