Carrot Cazo F.1 - Kuroda x Nantes type

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Carrot Cazo F.1 - Kuroda x Nantes type
Introduced last year at Harrogate, winner of the UK Carrot Championships 2015 . It needs to be grown under cover in a relatively warm environment. Avoid large temperature variations and erratic watering, this causes  carrots to split. 

200 Seeds Approximately Top Size Seed

Culture: Sow in March-July,  

In order to get quality carrots for exhibition you must sow in raised beds filled with excellent quality John Innes No 2 soil . Nantes and Stump rooted carrots grow well under cover where they are warmer. 

The best growers often grow them along the edge of their leek beds under cove. 
You can also use large 30 litre pots filled with John Innes No 2  In all cases you will have beautiful carrots for eating and showing.