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Biological Control Hypoline m (Hypoaspis miles) 10,000 in 500 ml tube

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Biological Control Hypoline m (Hypoaspis miles) 10,000 in 500 ml tube
Type: Predatory mite. 

How it works:
Mites feed on sciarid fly larvae and other 'soil' pests including springtails, thrips pupae and root mealybug. At night they move a short distance up, on to the plant foliage and will feed on mealybug and other soft bodied prey. Mites are very mobile and soon distribute themselves throughout the crop. Adults are reported to live for several months and survive up to 50 days without food, making them ideal in situations of very low pest populations. 

Species controlled:
Bradysia spp. and many other insect or mite pests. 

When to use:
Introduce into most growing media including artificial substrates. Use as a preventative or at the first sign of sciarids. Requires a minimum temperature of 12C. 

Rates of use:
100 per m2 usually as a single application. For permanently planted areas (interior landscapes, botanic gardens etc.) re-introduce every 10 to 12 weeks.