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Cucumber Carmen F.1 Hybrid Seeds

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Cucumber Carmen F.1 Hybrid Seeds

Cucumber Carmen F.1 Hybrid Seeds

The ultra reliable cucumber , its been around for many years and is by far the smoothest Cucumber on the market .
Well worth growing. Good in soil culture and grows at cooler temperatures. Nice green smooth cucumbers. 
This variety consistently beats any others for taste. Winner of many vegetable shows in the UK in the last 30 years. 

Growing Info  Sow in the greenhouse in March or April at 20c in 4 inch pots and plant out at 3 feet all ways in early June, support teh growth with 6 foot canes nets for them to climb. pick every few days or you will soon have marrows! 

Hints and Tips Cucumbers do well in clean soil with plant of feed . Grow very warm 75f or above. 

Quantity 5 seeds, usually more.