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Cucumber F.1 Hybrid Louisa Seeds

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Cucumber F.1 Hybrid Louisa Seeds
Cucumber F.1 Hybrid Seed Louisa

All female (parthenocarpic) variety producing a high yield of uniform, dark green, bitter-free fruits. Very early to crop and delivers a good crop even under hot conditions. Fruits typically measure 35cm in length and weigh around 500 grams. Resistant to Powdery Mildew, Ccu and Cca.

Growing Info  Sow in the greenhouse in March or April at 20c in 4 inch pots and plant out at 3 feet all ways in early June, support teh growth with 6 foot canes nets for them to climb. pick every few days or you will soon have marrows! 

Hints and Tips Cucumbers do well in clean soil with plant of feed . Grow very warm 75f or above. 

Quantity 5 seeds, usually more.