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Fyba Pot 20 x 3.5 inch

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Fyba Pot 20 x 3.5 inch

Fyba pots are made from a strong paper-like material made from recycled paper and textile fibres, mixed with a small amount of pure bitumen.  

They are available in three types according to the length of time each is designed to last. Often called Whalehide Pots . We use the all the time , far better than plastic pots, no root check when potting on , you just drop them into the next larger pot or your garden and they instantly grow away.  Especially good for potting young Onion Seedlings, Pot Leeks, Blanch Leeks, Celery Plants, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Pumpkins etc etc. 

Fyba Shortlife Pots will last for 10-12 weeks on the bench, depending on the growing conditions.  In dry conditions with air circulating round the pots the bench life is longer.  Root penetration of the sides and base will ususally occur within five weeks.  In warm damp conditions with the pots close together a white mould may occur on the side of the pot which indicates that the pot is beginning to rot.  The mould is harmless and will disapper if watering is reduced or the pots spaced out.

20 x 3.5 inch pots