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Parsnip Panorama F. 1 Hybrid

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Parsnip Panorama  F. 1 Hybrid

Parsnip Panorama  F. 1 Hybrid

Parsnip Panorama is Fosters Seeds best-selling variety with increasing global popularity. It produces long, well-filled, smooth, white roots and has a good weight distribution throughout. A main crop maturing variety with vigorous top growth which competes very well against weeds. It is high yielding, has a high pack-out potential and has excellent all-round disease resistance.

Growing Info  Sow from March to May one good deep fertile land , water the rows if it dry. 

Hints and Tips
 Parsnips can take up to 5 weeks to germinate , they don't like dry ground when germinating. 

Quantity 150 seeds, usually more