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Shallot Conserver F.1 Hybrid Seeds

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Shallot Conserver F.1 Hybrid Seeds

Shallot Conserver F.1 Hybrid

This is a very good shallot, similar to the traditional types, with higher shoulders and round base. Deep brown colour.  
It's quite possible if you grow a good number to select very even sets that can be saved to be multiplied in years to come the same way all shallots have been selected. All started from seed at one time. 

Growing Info  Sow in Modules or  small pots in good seed compost, not before April or they may run to seed. Plant out in the garden at 6 inches all ways. Select the very best and save until the following year, that way you can build up your own elite stock. Do not plant on White Rot infested land. Store on a cold dry building .

Hints and Tips Do not overfeed, plant on clean land thats free poe white rot. 

Quantity120 seeds, usually more.