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Tomato Luminance F.1 hybrid

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Tomato Luminance F.1 hybrid

Tomato F.1 Hybrid Luminance is a superb new variety producing a high round deep red shiny tomato, large green calyx, good disease resistance, great flavour and crop vigour. NVS Championship winner in 2017
Tomato Luminance requires a high temperature of around 23c daytime and 18c at night, If you can maintain these temperatures, it will reward you with stunning deep red shiny tomatoes. 

They have an excellent tollerance to mildew. Top strains of tomato seed are expensive, you wont find these in your commoner garden seed catalogue but the crop and quality they produce is outstanding. This tomato will win shows if you grow it for that reason , They have that nice greenhouse grown flavour.

The modern F.1 Hybrids tomato seed are very expensive to produce but the the cost of the seed is great value when you see the crop this variety produces. They are expensive but well worth the cost. 

10 seeds

Culture: Sow at 20 c in Feb/March in a greenhouse in 4 inch pots of good compost. Plant in the greenhouse or Tunnel in May on good fertile clean soil beds, tomatoes do mush better in soil beds. Feed every week with a good liquid fertilisers.