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Valoya B100 AP673 LED Grow Bar- 120cm (4ft)

(Code: 03-155-210)
£ 740.00
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Valoya B100 AP673 LED Grow Bar- 120cm (4ft)
  • Valoya B100 AP673 LED Grow Bar- 120cm (4ft)
  • Valoya B100 AP673 LED Grow Bar- 120cm (4ft)
  • Valoya B100 AP673 LED Grow Bar- 120cm (4ft)
Professional LED Grow Lights. Valoya B100 AP673 LED Grow Bar- 120cm (4ft) best for Vegetable Growth 

The best LED light money can buy. They are expensive but they are the best and will last for at least 50,000 hours , they are fully serviceable too. 

102 watt 1.2m bar light that offers a good vegetive light for young plants before they flower. 
Valoya LED units can reduce energy consumption by nearly 40% compared to fluorescent T5. Valoya LED units are high quality, commercial grade lighting systems that are built to exacting standards in order to offer a long and stable service life. 

LED Grow lights are available to buy from many dealers but a good deal of these LED lights are of poor quality and they have the wrong Spectrum, the fan assisted type invariably break down as the fans get corrosive with the humidity in the grow rooms and greenhouses, many are flooding in from China , look cheap and don’t last.

B-series for Interlighting and Multilayer

Ideal for high light intensity multilayer and moving systems and interlighting
Durable design with aluminum IP65 enclosure
B-series lights allow horizontal or vertical installation. It is used in multilayer installations, as moving lighting, as hydroponic conveyor lighting and as interlighting  for vertical growing vegetables like tomato and cucumber. The B-series power ranges from 55 to 192W and is available in models from 60 to 180 cm. All B-series fixtures are passively cooled and very durable with a IP65 rating.

The B-series for Greenhouse Lighting pictured above….

High intensity greenhouse roof lighting
Passively cooled with high IP classification
Spectra for all horticultural applications
The B-series LED lights offers high intensity lighting with minimal shadow foot print for a wide variety of plants and applications. It is a cost effective HPS replacement due to low energy consumption and minimal maintenance needs. The fixture is passively cooled thus without potential breaking mechanical parts like fans or watercooling parts. R-series products have a IP55 rating making it ideal for usage in tough greenhouse conditions.

They are at least 40% more economical to run than T5 Fluorescents.

120cm (4ft)
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