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VitaLink BioPlus 1L

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VitaLink BioPlus 1L
VitaLink BioPlus contains a mixture of vitamins, beneficial bacteria and fungi, which will help to stimulate the roots of the plant and increase root mass. This product will also protect the delicate root system of the plant and reduce stress caused by cloning and transplant shock. VitaLink BioPlus boosts the plant's immune sytems and regenerates sick plants as well as targetting the plant's energy for maximum yield.

Beneficial bacteria are now used by many top growers of giant onions and leeks and all other vegetables to enhance the growth. 

  • Please note - this product contains live bacteria which can lead to variations in apperance and smell. This does not affect the performance of the product.
  • Tip: Great when used in combination with VitaLink BioPac.