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WILDFLOWER SEED for Coastal Headlands

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How does it work?
This mixture provides a beautiful wildflower habitat, encouraging biodiversity in urban landscapes and is backed up by the
promise of superior quality wildflower seed for your project.
Formulated from a base mix of eight common but successful native British wildflower species. To the basic mix of eight
seeds we add a combination of eight mainly perennial, native British wildflower species that will produce rich
well-balanced landscape areas.
What does is contain?
Sowing rate: 5g/m2
Bedstraw; Ladys (kg) 3%
Birdsfoot-trefoil; Common (kg) 2.5%
Burnet; Salad (kg) 5%
Buttercup; Meadow (kg) 3.5%
Campion; White (kg) 3%
Medick; Black (kg) 5%
Plantain; Ribwort (kg) 5%
Selfheal (kg) 3%
Yellow-Rattle or
Hay-Rattle (kg) 3.5%
Carrot; Wild (kg) 3%
Daisy; Oxeye (kg) 3%
Knapweed; Common
or Hardheads (kg) 4%
Yarrow (kg) 2%
Sorrel; Common (kg) 3.5%
Campion; Red (kg) 3%
Vetch; Kidney (kg) 3%
Low Maintenance Grass 4.5%