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Yorkshire Green Autumn Lawn Feed 6-5-10+6FE 20KG

(Code: YGLF-2)
£ 34.00
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Yorkshire Green Autumn Lawn Feed 6-5-10+6FE 20KGBasic Autumn Turf Care Fertiliser
6-5-10+6FE 20KG Autumn lawn care Fertiliser
Compound fertiliser with high potash content to be applied from September onwards.
3-0-12+2% FE provides optimum plant growth throughout the autumn period and can be applied 2 - 3 times over the winter.
Benefits include:
            Low Nitrogen content to maintain low growth through the period
            High Potash content to improve winter tolerance 
            Iron content to improve colour and shoot strength
            1.5mm granules for easy application
Rate of Application:            35 - 50 g/m
Pack size                           20kg
Application Area                 400 -570 m2 per pack